About Jenny

I have been practicing yoga personally since 1997.

I came to yoga after trying all sorts of exercise videos and styles. Yoga appealed to me as I didn't like the traditional style of aerobics etc, and over the course of a few months I could feel my muscles becoming stronger and more flexible. Gradually I began to feel more benefits: my asthma wasn't as noticeable, I was sleeping more soundly and I wasn't as short tempered as I once could be. This became so important to me that I began to change my lifestyle little bits at a time to include more yoga. Don't get me wrong I still live like a normal person but yoga helps in all sorts of ways.

I believe that through practicing yoga everybody can help to improve their health, their lifestyle and their overall well being.

I have been teaching yoga in small classes since 2004.

When I left full time employment to have my little girl I decided that the path of teaching yoga is where I wanted to continue my efforts so over the last few years I have gradually added classes to my portfolio. I started teaching in the gyms around where I live to create more experience and meet new people.

In 2015 the opportunity arose for me to open my own yoga studio which was based in Swallownest, Rotherham, where I continued to build my own classes and reduced my classes around the local gym network. As I built up my studio classes I loved teaching more and more and felt I needed to create a larger more welcoming space.

In January 2017 I then found a new amazing space in an old church building where I held all of my classes, it was a lovely space for a few years but became very noisy next to the main road and a boxing gym so in October 2020 I moved to Treeton Workshops.

The space I occupy now is very quiet compared to being next to the main road and has large windows to let in lots of natural light.

From starting small classes teaching a few friends to having a full on yoga studio the journey has been amazing and I am forever grateful to all the students that have passed under the Jenny's Yoga umbrella, some who have moved on, some

who have gone on to become teachers themselves and some who continue with me,   (and hopefully will for many years to come).

I hold a yoga teaching diploma with the British Wheel of Yoga.

I have studied with British School of yoga to deliver Pilates, Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal Yoga.

I have trained with Calm for Kids to bring yoga to the younger generations, though I currently don't teach any children's classes.